MC87 HUNTER (Gas): $185

MC87 Slug (Gas): $185

MC72 Tac 4 (Gas): $185

S-87 HUNTER (Hybrid/ARGO): $200

S-72 Basic (Hybrid/ARGO): $195

S-72 Type 4 (Hybrid/ARGO): $200

W-87 HUNTER (Inertia): $200

W-87 Field (Inertia): $200

W-72 Basic (Inertia): $190

W-72 Mod 4 (Inertia): $200

We are the exclusive importers of the very high quality and super affordable MX5 line of shotguns made by MERTMAK ( in Turkey in their new state of the art factory. We offer the ATF APPROVED full hunting and tactical range of Gas, Gas & Inertia Hybrid similar to Benelli’s ARGO, and Inertia systems.  

One year manufacturer warranty. All prices quoted excluding shipping. One pallet is approximately 100 shotguns. For inquiries, please submit the quote request form below and a member of our sales team will contact you promptly within 1 to 2 business days:

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